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  • 22 Aug 2018 9:00 AM | Anonymous member


    In today’s workforce, executives and managers need to continuously build 

    their leadership skills in order to get the most productivity and engagement from their 

    It starts by being self-aware of one’s natural workplace behaviors and tailoring your 

    leadership and communication style to your audience.

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  • 14 Aug 2018 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

    Administrative Assistants are often overworked, overstretched and overburdened.  They are expected to be all things for all people, and often support not just one boss or one team, but multiple teams and multiple bosses.  This workshop is designed to provide practical tips and tools to improve personal effectiveness in what often times can be called, “a mad, mad workplace.” Additionally, we will provide practical tips for handling emotions and avoid becoming stressed out even when you are endlessly interrupted or have ever-changing “top” priorities.

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  • 10 Aug 2018 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

    Recruiting practices have a huge effect on a company’s profitability and even 

    survival.  The HR department is often tasked with finding that perfect candidate 

    without even the basic information critical to the performance of the position!

    With some research and critical thinking, HR departments of any size can 

    make a positive impact on the metrics affecting turnover, customer ratings, 

    cospehire, and improve the Company’s reputation in the community 

    where themployees live and serve.

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  • 21 Jul 2018 8:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Week-end In Learning and Development Conference (W.I.L.D.) is back in Central Florida on July 21, 2018!  This is offered by Central Florida ATD.

    We’re delighted to invite you again to join us. This year’s conference will be more insightful thanks to the highly praised analyst and futurist Elliott Masie. In addition, a variety of experts who will be conducting hands-on sessions will make the experience more relevant and practical.

    • Utilize the ATDWild18Friend code to register yourself at your earliest convenience and take advantage of the early rates
    • Bring your own devices for this great learning experience
    • Encourage anyone to reach us via with any question
    • Have FUN!!!

    Once again, don’t miss out on the early registration rates. We really would like you to join us and learn from our remarkable speakers, network with our pool of diverse professionals, problem-solve in our concurrent sessions, and rethink your plan with the advice of our esteemed experts. 


    From the 2018 ATDCFL W.I.L.D. Task Force Team

    P.S.: Check out the virtual portion of the event if you’re unable to join us on site.

  • 10 Jul 2018 12:02 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    • Gain the knowledge you need to design, develop, facilitate and evaluate instruction for delivery in the face-to-face classroom or online with Seminole State College of Florida’s fully online Instructional Design Certificate (15 credit hours). The five-course (15 credit hours) technology-focused certificate program is ideal for educators and corporate trainers. The courses we’ve developed have traditionally only been offered at the master’s degree level. This program offers flexible project assignments that can be adapted to many relevant professional activities, from K-12 and college educators to corporate trainers. Since the program is offered at Seminole State, there’s also a considerable cost difference.


      ·         Fully online
    • ·         Affordable tuition
    • ·         Credentialed and experienced faculty
    • ·         Increased earning potential
    • ·         Project-based, learner-centered courses
    • ·         Focus on technology and emerging topics in education
    • ·         Small class sizes and personalized instruction
    • 1.      EME 2450        Introduction to Distance Education    3 Credits
    • 2.      EME 2670        Introduction to Instructional Design   3 Credits
    • 3.      EME 2040        Introduction to Technology for Educators      3 Credits
    • ·         Not all courses are offered every semester. You will need to check the catalog to see when classes are being offered. Most of these classes are offered online. Here is a link to the catalog
    • 1.      Submit an application for admission
    • a.      Classify yourself as Degree Seeking, NOT post baccalaureate
    • b.      Important! If you have a Bachelor’s degree, you are considered a college-credit transfer student.
    • c.       Choose College Credit Certificate
    • 2.      Provide proof of residency
    • a.      Take your driver’s license to any student success specialist on your campus
    • 3.      Request copies of your transcripts
    • 4.      If you have Admissions questions, please contact Joe Deyne
    • ·         Here is a link to the Instructional Design Certificate webpage
    • ·         Here is a link that outlines the steps to enroll (
    • ·         You may apply online at

    Courses offered this FALL:

    EDF 2130         Child and Adolescent Development for Educators

    71402              ONLINE                        FULL TERM

    72211              ONLINE                        B SESSION        10/16/18-12/10/18


    EME 2470        Teaching and Learning in the Connected Age

    72212              ONLINE            12 WEEK SESSION       9/11/18-12/10/18


    EDP 2002         Introduction to Educational Psychology

    71403              ONLINE                        B SESSION        10/16/18-12/10/18


    EME 2040        Introduction to Technology for Educators

    71405              930-1045         M/W    Sanford/Lake Mary     FULL TERM

    71407              ONLINE                        FULL TERM

    71408              ONLINE                        FULL TERM


    EME 2670        Introduction to Instructional Design

    72270              ONLINE                        12 WEEK SESSION       9/11/18-12/10/18

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