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project management  Community of Practice

The GOOD Network's Project Management Community of Practice (CoP) brings together organizational development professionals who share a passion for project management.  

Organizations are increasingly valuing organizational development (OD) professionals for their capacities to effectively lead projects. Many projects by definition are organizational change and development efforts. These unique, temporary, set of activities to reach a goal provide strategic value to the organization. Recognizing that many OD manage projects, this new CoP should bolster competencies of its participants. 

The chartering objectives for the PM-CoP are: 

  • Establish a learning community composed of project and program managers/leaders from a variety of industries, external consultants, and students who have a special interest in managing projects. 
  • Encourage thought leadership in the integration of OD concepts with project management methodologies. 
  • Support professionals in the exchange of ideas, strategies, new technologies, techniques, and practices, as well as lessons learned in managing and leading projects.
  • Glean insight from organized presentations/facilitations by our expert community of practice members about project management topics, with foci on new PMP topics:  
    • Competencies for leading a project team 
    • Technical aspects of managing projects via processes 
    • Connections between projects and organizational strategy in the business environment 
    • Value of predictive, agile, and hybrid PM approaches for delivering outcomes 
    • Domains (or high-level knowledge areas) aligned to real-life practices and their associated tasks.  
  • Foster an open, collaborative space to share successes and concerns leading to potential innovations and solutions.  
  • Provide networking opportunities 

This CoP needs a new leader.  Please reach out to our Community Programs and Special Events Directors to get involved.

Project Management Process Chart Image

The Project Management CoP is on hiatus.  If you would like to step up and restart the group, please reach out to the Board.

Upcoming Project Management CoP Meetings

  • No upcoming events
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