GOOD Network is the regional OD network serving Central Florida from coast to coast

Greater Orlando Organization Development Network

cOmmunity of practice Groups

Try One of our Communities of practice!

Currently the following groups are active and have meetings planned throughout the year.
  • External Consulting – members who work for many organizations
  • Internal Consulting – members who work internally within an organization
  • Coaching – members who use Coaching to help organizations
  • Learning & Development – members involved in learning and development
  • Leadership Development - members who engage in leadership development activities
  • Project Management - OD professionals who share a passion for project management
  • Technology – members who are interested in technology and using it effectively in our field
  • Book Club – reviewing pertinent books of mutual interest.  Currently we do have the ability to join a virtual book club for those who are interested.  
  • Mentoring - mentors and proteges meet to share expertise.


If you are not a member of GOOD Network, you may attend one bi-monthly meeting or COP meeting as a first-time guests to check us out.  Please register on the website for the meeting.  Returning guests are asked to pay a Good Cares $20.00 meeting fee (normally $35.00 but with Covid-19, we have reduced our dues and guest fees to help folks having a hard time being furloughed or in search for jobs.  

"Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly."   Source:   Wenger-Trayner

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