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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice

A very important and exciting added value of being a member of the GOOD Network is our Communities of Practice (COP) program.  CoPs are interest groups organized and led by members of the Network.  Any member can propose a new CoP and our Community and Special Program Directors help them get started.

COPs bring together members of the organization who have a shared common focal interest under the larger umbrella of Organizational Development.  We share best practices, learn from each other, network, and engage in dialogue to enhance OD effectiveness and promote organizational excellence.  Currently, these active Communities of Practice are meeting regularly in 2022:

  • Coaching – members who use Coaching to help organizations,
  • Internal Consulting – members who work internally within an organization,
  • Mentoring -- members who are willing to serve as mentors are matched with members/proteges,
  • Technology – focused on how we can use technology in our field.
Other CoPs are currently on hiatus waiting for a new leader to jumpstart them again.  Email our Community Programs leaders to explore CoP leadership!

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      Each of these COPs, while focusing on a unique theme, is totally aligned with the Mission and Vision of the GOOD Network.  Members can select which “community” best suits their needs and become an active participant.  All members are welcome and encouraged to participate in any and all of the COP sessions.  Dates of sessions and topics of discussion can be found in the individual COP pages.

      If you are not a member of GOOD Network, you may attend one bi-monthly meeting or COP meeting as a first-time guests to check us out.  Please register on the website for the meeting.  Returning guests are asked to pay a meeting fee.  

      Visit the membership page to join GOOD Network to be able to register as a member for any upcoming CoP meetings.

      If you have an area of interest not currently in action, check out this link on New Communities of Practice -- How to get one started.

      Be sure to check the COPS Materials downloads page for presentations, handouts and good information on past meetings.

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