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BiMonthly Meetings

The GOOD Network bimonthly meetings  are held on Fridays from 8:30AM -12:30 PM.  The programs are practical in nature, sharing tools, concepts, and providing contextual applications.  By regularly surveying our members, we stay in touch with what your needs and interests are regarding program topics.  


GOOD Network hosts  Social/Networking events that provides a more relaxed and informal opportunity to get together with your GOOD colleagues. These are typically 2-3 hour events that are held on a Saturday and guests (including family and friends) are welcome.


In February, 2020, we hosted our inaugural Conference.  A full-day of learning with 3 keynotes and 8 concurrent sessions to choose created an exciting professional development opportunity.   We look forward to offering annual Conferences again once the Covid pandemic is better managed. 


We support a variety of community services projects proposed by our members. 

Communities of Practice (CoPs)

Our CoPs are smaller groups that form around a passion for deeper learning in their particular area of interest, professional skill set, or learning goals.  

External Consulting Group

The External Consulting Group focuses on the role of the external consultant.  The group provides opportunities for members to network, share best practices, and learn more about the business and marketing aspects on consulting.  

Internal Consulting Group

Our Internal Consultants focus on the role, skills, techniques, and challenges of the Internal OD Consultant.

Coaching Group

The Coaching Group focuses on serving the needs and interests of the coaching community within the GOOD Network.  The group provides an environment where coaches can informally discuss and share their expertise, and explore different aspects of the field of coaching.

Leadership Development Group 

The Leadership Development CoP brings together individuals who share an interest in leadership development.


The Book Club – reviews and discusses pertinent books, Ted talks and Podcasts of mutual interest to the group. 

Project Management Group

The Project Management Community of Practice (CoP) brings together organizational development professionals who share a passion for project management. 

Technology Interest Group

Our Technology Group is focused on technology and how to use it in our field. 

Learning & Development Group 

Our Learning & Development group focuses on learning, facilitation,  and employee development. 

Mentoring Program

We have a lot of talent in the GOOD Network, and members share expertise through our Mentoring program.  We match proteges who are seeking a mentor with mentoring candidates from our membership.

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