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Login Problems & Website FAQ

If you are a member of the GOOD Network and are having trouble logging into the website or your membership profile, here are some tips to troubleshoot the issue.

If none of these tips work to solve your issue, please contact: and we will help you resolve it. 

1.  The website doesn't recognize my email address.

We only have one email on file for each member.  Make sure you are typing in the email to which all of the event announcements are being sent.     Your membership information is linked to that email address.  If you are not getting event notices, contact and we can tell you what email we have on file.

2.  I don't remember my password or  I never got one. 

Simply click on "forgot password" in the login box and follow the instructions.  You will be sent a system email with a reset link, and you can create a new password or change an existing one.   

If you don't see that email arrive fairly quickly, check your SPAM folder. Sometimes these automatic emails end up there.  Then, adjust your spam filter to allow emails from

3.  I am a member, but I'm not getting any mailings from GOOD Network.

First, check the SPAM folder on your computer. Or if you have a personal account and may have registered using it, check that account as well.

If you registered with your work email, we have learned that some servers in companies are blocking bulk emails like ours with a firewall.  If that is the case, consider using a personal email account for your GOOD Network email and login.   If you need to change the email address on file with us, login using your existing email and password.  Then click on VIEW PROFILE in the login box.  You can change your contact data, your password and other directory data yourself.

4.  I tried to register for an event as a member, but cannot click on the "member" button.  Only the guest registration seems open. 

To register as a member of the GOOD Network, you must be completely logged in.  Go to the login box and make sure to enter your email address and password and click on login. Then return to the event, and you should see the Member registration option open up for you.  If you still cannot register as a member, view your profile and make sure your membership dues are current.  After your membership lapses, you will no longer be able to register as a member until you rejoin.  

5.  How do I know if my dues are current?

When it is time to renew your membership, the website system will send you a series of renewal notices.  If you have an unpaid invoice for dues renewal, you should see a notice in the lower right side of the computer screen.  Click on this notice, and pay on-line to rejoin.  

If you don't know when your membership expires, you can login in and VIEW PROFILE. You can view your membership details and find out when your membership expires.  We use a calendar year, and the membership year begins on January 1.  If you join between October - December of the current year, your membership is extended to the end of next year.   

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