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This page is for members who wish to share an upcoming workshop or conference that might be of interest to other GOOD Members.  Be sure to scroll down as the nearest dates are at the bottom of the list.  The far out dates appear at the top.  

You must be a member of GOOD Network to post to this page.  Enter a title of the conference or workshop along with the date of the session into the subject heading.  In the description box, add one or two sentences about the workshop and either a link to a registration/information page or an email address where members can learn more about the event.    

POST ONLY those workshops and conferences that are open to the public.  

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GOOD Network is not endorsing or sponsoring ANY of these opportunities. We are simply providing space for sharing outside resources among our members.
  • Friday, February 25, 2022 9:00 AM | Anonymous member

      To register and to learn more, contact Dr. Mimi Hull, 407-628-0669

    DISC Train-the-Trainer Certification Program: Provides you with in-depth knowledge and understanding of DISC and the ability to order and deliver your own DISC training, coaching, and consulting programs and sessions.  

    What is DISC? 

    • DISC is a model of human behavior that helps the people understand “why they do what they do.”  
    • The dimensions of Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness make up the model and interact with other factors to describe human behavior.  

    • DISC instruments have helped people gain the insightsneeded to be more successful, productive, and fulfilled at work.  

    • Widely recognized as the springboard for building a focused, aligned workforce, DISC has become a key component in the employee development strategies for leading organizations worldwide.

    • Course Objectives - Upon Completion of the DISC Train-The-Trainer Certificate Program, you will be able to: 

      • Purchase the DISC materials  

      • Create focused, effective DISC-based training/coaching solutions  

      • Train and coach others to better understand and work with various behavioral styles  

      • Discover how to combine DISC resources for better results  

      • Customize your own unique DISC-based training solutions 

      • Answer questions that your participants are most likely to ask

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