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"Connect ~ Inspire ~ Influence" -- December 9, 2022 Bi-monthly Meeting

  • Friday, December 09, 2022
  • 9:00 AM - 12:15 PM
  • Zoom


  • 1st time guests attend their first meeting for free to "try us on for size." If you are a former member or a guest who has attended any GOOD meeting before, please register as a returning guest.
  • Returning guests and former members who have visited us before will pay $35.00 for the meeting.

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"Connect~  Inspire ~ Influence"

Friday, December 9, 2022

Meeting Agenda  

  • 9:00 AM -- Welcome & announcements
  • 9:20 AM -- "Culture Design:  Frameworks for Teams" -  a Best Practice session presented by Susanne Walker 
  • 10:00 AM --  "Connect ~  Inspire ~ Influence" presented by Guest Speaker, Cynthia Blackwell -- Program details below
  • 11:40 -- CoP Quarter -- with a focus on the Technology CoP with Mark Griffiths

Guest Presentation Description -- "Connect ~ Inspire ~ Influence" 

Close the year out with a Big Red Bow!  Our final presentation for 2022 will not only wrap up our year but will be the bow that ties all our presentations together.  The tips shared by Cynthia Blackwell will sharpen the tools we have in our toolbox and remind us of those we added in 2022 to propel our success and results in 2023.  This is the presentation you don’t want to miss!!!


  1. Connect quickly with others by recognizing their pace and priorities and meeting others where they need to be met.
  2. Inspire others to act, drive results and perform at a level never achieved in the past.   
  3. Influence change, within yourself and others, by knowing and understanding the motivators and stressors that drive action and results and those that will STOP them dead in their tracks.

Speaker Bio for Cynthia Blackwell

"Plan your work ~ Work your plan" is a motto by which Cynthia lives her life, personally and professionally. With an energy and enthusiasm level possessed by few, she sparks life into her work and a lot of laughter.  Cynthia is a trusted business consultant and coach, a respected philanthropist, and a coveted speaker.  Attendees leave her presentations excited and empowered with tools they can implement now!  Her book, The Magical Power of 3 – Roadmap to Success, Wealth & Happiness, is a culmination of her experience as a rainmaker, executive coach, trainer, mother, grandmother, and trusted friend. This book is NOT that self-help book of yesterday BUT marries tips and habits with a success mindset sprinkled with business acumen specifically related to sales, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Cynthia shares practical tips critical to success in today's ever-changing climate.

Location -- Our final 2022 bimonthly will be on Zoom.  We will return to in person next February. Your registration confirmation will have your login and password information.

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