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Dual Message from 2014 Co-Presidents, Laura Newcomer and Carol Anderson

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 9:23 AM | Carol Emmett (Administrator)

Musings from Laura...Laura Newcomer

Excited!  Engaged!  Wouldn’t you love to hear those words come out of your mouth when someone asks you about your work? It seems what I heard myself say as I dashed to the finish line of 2013 is a different “e” word...exhausted!  While I am fully aware that the divide between 2013 and 2014 is just a flip of a calendar page, there is something satisfying about checking off the final tasks of a year, winding down over the holidays, and leaning into the promise of a new year.

To Pat and the 2013 leadership team, WELL DONE.  Thank you for setting the stage for 2014 and all the hard work that made 2013 such a great year for our organization!  Your commitment and dedication carries on in 2014, and I know Carol and I will be relying on your experience and expertise throughout 2014.

When it comes to GOOD and 2014, I AM excited and engaged! First, it will be the advent of the new leadership model for our organization with two of us sharing the role of president. I am a huge proponent of the model.  In the lives of busy professionals, being able to share in the workload is definitely a win for GOOD and a win for the co-leaders, and hopefully will allow more people to step up in the future.  As the first pair through, Carol and I will do our best to work out the kinks!  

Second, it looks like we’re going to have a great year of programs in 2014.  I can’t say a lot more until things are firmed up, but I believe the speakers and programs will be, well, exciting and engaging!

More Musings from Carol...Carol Anderson

Laura said the THANK YOUs well to Pat and the 2013 Leadership Team, and I add my voice as well.  Each of the 2013 programs was excellent, with relevant content and terrific speakers.  We have a tough act to follow.  But I applaud the efforts that went into designing the new leadership structure, and believe it is a perfect way to share the workload and the excitement as the organization continues to grow.  

Our new VPs and their committees will be bringing new programs, communication and membership processes to make sure that the GOOD network continues to evolve and provide value to the members.  Laura and I would like to thank these folks in advance for what we know will be great work!

It has been great getting to know Laura, and learning from Pat, and I think the concept of co-presidency is off to a great start.  As Laura said, there will be kinks, so we ask your forgiveness now for any “kinkiness” you may experience.

GOOD is an amazing organization, with one of the more active and involved membership I’ve seen in a professional organization.  Laura and I will do our best, along with the rest of the leadership team, to continue the fantastic heritage.

Here’s to 2014!

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