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President's Message: The Power of Kindness -- Krystena Sterling, March 2021

Monday, March 01, 2021 12:10 PM | Carol Emmett (Administrator)

By now, I hope you have all moved into your 2021 groove, that your work and family life have moved past the New Year’s Resolutions, and life is humming along. We are still facing unprecedented times with COVID-19, social divide, and job losses amongst other things. However, on another front, what this network makes me think about is the power of kindness.

We all come together in our bi-monthly meetings, in COP’s, in networking gatherings, and have even created lasting friendships through the power of this network. During these exceptionally hard times, the members of this network have demonstrated that we practice what we teach: leadership, values, and kindness to each other. I have been on the receiving end of this kindness when I was laid off, and our tribe of practitioners reached out to assist me in finding my next adventure. I have also been the one on the assisting end, helping colleagues chart their new course in life, coaching them through the process, or just being a friendly shoulder to support them.

The simple acts of kindness have made me cherish this network so much. Would it surprise you to hear that our network has expanded past Central Florida? People have found us that live in other states and even other countries! That speaks volumes about each and every one of you.

We all have our own stories, some seasons the stories are amazing, and some not so amazing. It is so wonderful to know that we have an amazing tribe of GOOD people that we can reach out to for assistance and guidance, even it is just for a good laugh to continue our journey. Kindness is the gift we can each give each other and our community, at no cost to us or anyone else. The repayment plan for this gift is very generous, we earn a great deal of joy and happiness in return.

Thank you for being the amazing network that you are, for providing the power of kindness, sharing this power with each other and our community regardless of our social, political, or personal views.  I will always be here to offer you the same because the Power of Kindness will continue to make our network amazing and will build better communities around us. 

Krystena Sterling

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