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Corporate Membership

A corporate GOOD Cares membership group is composed of  5 members from the same organization who pay one "bundled" membership fee of $200.00.  

If you have a group of more than 5 members, contact the Membership VP so that we can generate a manual invoice to add additional members for $40.00 each.

Here is how you can join as a corporate group of 5 via the website:  (or feel free to email our Membership VP and let us do it for you.)

1. Create your corporate group 
The originating member who fills in the Corporation Membership Level application on behalf of the corporate group will generate the Corporate Group invoice which will cover him/herself and up to 4 additional members.  This originating member becomes the "corporate bundle administrator" for the group and gets the others registered and linked together.  This originating member/administrator will also receive all renewal notices on behalf of the corporate group.

2. Complete your personal profile
On the Corporate Membership Level application, the originating member will complete the personal membership data for themselves  just like an individual member would on their membership application.  You are filling in your personal profile -- not a corporation's data, so use your personal information.   This data will be YOUR personal profile in the Membership Directory.  

3.   List the other members of the Corporate Group
There is one extra field on the Corporate Membership application that the originating member will complete.  It is a fill-in box where the originating member will list the others that will also be a part of that corporate group and be covered by the "bundle" invoice payment.  We ask for this information so we can help the originating member add in the additional members and get them passwords for the website.  If all the members aren't known when you first join, you can add them later up to the limit of 5. 
4.  Add your members to the Corporate Group through YOUR (the originating member) personal profile. 

Once the Corporate membership is paid, an email will be sent to the originating member with instructions on how to add in the additional members of the group.  

The originating member becomes the "corporate bundle administrator" and has the ability to add the additional members to the group through their own personal profile.  Or, the corporate bundle administrator may choose to have the website admin or Membership chair do that step for them.  

Adding in your members to your profile is an important step.  Additional members must be listed as members of the Corporate group to be able to register for meetings as a paid member.  

After the additional members of the group are linked to the corporate bundle administrator's account, they will receive an email with instructions to login and create their own personal profiles on the website.

If you are ready to register as a corporate group, JOIN NOW.

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