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"Awakening Change:  Step 1 -- Being Human"

The session invites even more authenticity and courage in how we show up with each other and the world. The way to create, invite and lead real change is through how you show up in any room, interaction or conversation. It’s not about the methodologies we follow or steps we take. It’s about how we “be” and how we invite and allow others to do the same. It’s about connection and relationship. This session will share 3 key questions used with clients in all realms that Angie works with that opens a door to awakening change which all participants can take and use in their own work. She’ll also reference what else she believes most supports us in this work in ourselves and with our clients.

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Angie Burwell Kerr, MSOD

OD Consulting & Leadership Coach, Burwell Ventures

Angie believes change happens through conversation, and helps clients generate new futures through them.

Her own method of awakening change asks that we be human, be courageous, and be patient. Angie brings 25 years of experience to her work helping passionate leaders achieve their visions of change in companies, for people and causes that matter, whether facilitating strategic meetings, coaching teams, or hosting conscious safaris in Kenya.

Her coaching and facilitation has impacted corporate clients at PwC, Flex, Rio Tinto, Dolby, Western Digital and the New York Times, to name a few. Angie’s leveraged her unique career path from auditor and CPA to Six Sigma Black Belt at 3M with various consulting and L&D positions along the way.

She’s coached in an immersive program with TED fellows, and is part of a cadre of coaches for the Sundance Film Festival. In working with clients worldwide, she’s learnt that no matter where we are and what we’re doing, that we’re all just people, doing the best we can, but who can always become better versions of ourselves.

After earning her MSOD from Pepperdine, she’s served as guest faculty ever since. She completed her coaching certification and the Master Coach Program at the Hudson Institute. She holds a BBA in Accounting from Texas A&M, and multiple other certifications, including Generative Leadership, Systemic Team Coaching, CoreStrengths, and Shift+. She and her husband enjoy living in Park City, Utah.

Simply put, conversations with Angie are deeper and richer, leaving leaders feeling awakened to create change within themselves, their organizations and the world around them.

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